Having represented over 700 families and individuals with the buying and selling of their homes, I've learned a few things...

You need a real estate professional who LISTENS, EVALUATES and then GOES TO WORK to meet YOUR needs!

  • I have a key to open any home for sale in the Orlando Area!
  • My home buying services won't cost you a dime and can save you thousands of $$!
  • Being an Advocate for you needs means assessment of:
    Location, Commute, Quality of Life, Schools and Investment Potential

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124 N Ulysses Dr, Apopka, FL 32703 – Pending Sale

124 N Ulysses Dr,
Apopka,, FL 32703

  • 3Beds
  • 2Baths
  • 1,291Square Feet

9575 Westover Roberts Rd, Windermere, FL 34786 – Pending Sale

9575 Westover Roberts Rd,
Windermere, FL 34786

  • 8Beds
  • 8Baths
  • 8,464Square Feet

256 Tavestock Loop, Winter Springs, FL

256 Tavestock Loop
Winter Springs, FL 32708

  • 4Beds
  • 3Baths
  • 2,505Square Feet

1240 Stone Harbour Rd, Winter Springs, FL 32708

1240 Stone Harbour Rd,
Winter Springs, FL 32708

  • 4Beds
  • 4Baths
  • 2,614Square Feet

764 Seneca Meadows Road

Winter Springs, FL 32708

  • 4Beds
  • 2Baths
  • 2,543Square Feet

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My husband and I have been involved in Real Estate here in Orange County, Calif. for over 45 years. Jim is a broker and so we know the way negoiations should go. Chris Brown was not only an expert at how he handled situations that surprised us along the way but was so polite and professional. We cannot say enough for how we appreciated his wisdom, advice and the expertise of his business.

For years he sent us market information, even when we did not think we would ever sell our rental home in Parkstone. But, over time, with our children moving from the Florida area and our renter vacating, we called on Chris because he was faithful to us all along. He is someone to trust, who has the sellers', and I am sure the buyers', best interest in mind.

He has great values and integrity and displays it all in his handling of business. Anyone using him would be getting a great person who cares and works hard at guiding them through the closing process.

Cheryl and Jim Young

Chris helped me find an investment property. He showed me a lot of properties until we found the one that is not only beautiful but has great rental potential. With all the changes in real estate, he was knowledgeable, and helped me get through all the steps. He really cares about his clients.

Chris Brown listed and assisted in selling my home in 3 - 4 months even though the market was already on a downswing. He works well with his clients and other Realtors to get the job done.He is always responsive to your questions or requests.

Great real estate knowledge and easy to work with!

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